A pretty good way to announce new features

As i got today preview (2019 release wave 2) of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations PU29 and application I was really surprised of the upcoming notification as I started Finance and Operations.

Update pu29-1

So Microsoft Dynamics 365 come up to me actively and told me “hey, here are new features”, do you want to activate and try me?

So it is as easy to see how dynamic Microsoft works on continuous improvements and bring them to the customer. As we all know, not all features are needed by all of our customers. But it was never as easy as today to see what is going on inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO.

Going forward to my new added features I see the list of improvements for this update.

newfeatures pu29
New features Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Preview PU20/


Within the information fact box on the right side I can just jump to the current documentation an see about the details of  new features. The documentation is as up-to-date as it can be at this time of preview. Sometime I wish a little bit more details about how to operate the application if there is some setup and prerequisites required.

Since a couple of month I’m used to read “What’s new” inside my Microsoft Office applications to achieve more productivity for my daily workload. So with this proactive product policy we will bring Microsoft customers in the sense as ERP- and business application users to much more efficiency.

I call it digitalization of business processes and value adding to our business customers.



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