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business-experienceAt this blog we enable business user as well as technological consultants to find some interesting around Microsofts Business Products. We aim to give you some information you can’t find in short time on usual educational sources.

andreas-raithel-profil-d40In business applications as CRM, ERP or BI application the degree of efficiency is not as high as we proclaim and sometimes hope. This blog should help business users and consultants to bring more utilization to our Dynamics 365 Clients. The more features and efforts inside Microsoft Dynamics 356 the more consulting and leadership is needed at customer side.

Refering and defining process for Master Data Management (MDM) is one of the keys to sucessfully start high performance business. Intelligent and efficient process for order managment can decrease personal effort in a huge way, as well as automating the purchase side.

In over 25 years I collected knowledge of business process design, business operations, and practical implementation experience you can’t find and buy as easy on the market. Going Microsoft Dynamics 365 means to stage your business to the next level.

See my achievements for detailled certificates.

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