Looking to the future that’s already here

In addition to the more technical contributions in this blog, I would like to refer today to three very interesting reports from the ERP environment. I think they give an impressive look forward and where we currently stand with the ERP and IoT issues in the industrial environment and another industrial revolution. The consideration of the present and the coming topics in the constantly changing environment of business management are comprehensively discussed and impressively prepared here.

Every day we work with the processes of our customers, whose requirements of yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is often maintained that companies have been functioning in recent years. Looking ahead is often more important and more decisive than backwards.

The more progress you want to reach the future, the less backward compatibility makes sense.

2019 Financial Trends Report

2019 Manufactoring Trends Report

Nucleus Research: ERP Technology Value Matrix 2018

Every day we go to new customer projects to implement what is already possible today for more success tomorrow.

Enjoy reading.

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