New Personalize Form Features

At the first view the new HTML/5 Client appears a little bit less comfortable than the used windows Client of AX2009 or AX2012. As we use the new Dynamics AX in a comfortable sized system environment it is as fast as we expect it from the leader of ERP-Systems.

A small feature in most of the forms comes with the new version, and it is a great feature. On the right side of the main menu you can see the OPTIONS menu item.


options menu

Within the OPTIONS menu you can find the “personalize this form” menu item.


personalize form options

This in really enhanced against the previous versions of AX. If you choose personalize you can select some new Features:

personalize menu.jpg
the new personalize menu
  • Select
  • Move
  • Hide/Show
  • Summary
  • Skip
  • Edit/NoEdit
  • Add
  • Manage


Select: Select an item to change ist properties

After selecting this feature you can select form regions, headers, columns or unique fields of the form.


select object

The objects gets marked with a grey border to see the selected object. If you mouse over the form you see what objects can be selected.

Afterwards a popup menu appears to select what you want to do with the selected object.


selected object

As you click the object a popup menu appears to decide what to do with the object. You can chosse between hide, skip and don’t edit.


Drag and Drop an object to the new location.


Display the selected objector not.


View the value of the selected object in a collapsed view.


Exempt the selected object from Cursor tab order.

Edit/No Edit

And this is the really new feature to decide on client side to edit or not a specific field, column or area.


Add a new field form the forms data source for to enhanced Information on the form.


This allows you the known feature to export a forms personalized configuration and to import it to another account as well as reset the form in case of incorrect configuration


As business users often asked me to make some fields not editable maybe to some specific users it allways makes a huge round to go over system administation to adopt roles and tasks. This was not as easy as it seems. So I think making some colums or fieds not editable to users can enforce some business process without generating an formal Request for Change (RfC) and the associated effort.








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