PowerApps for Dynamics 365 for Operations (Part 1)

As announced Microsoft PowerApps started with the availability of Dynamics 365. In Dynamics 365 for Operations we see the link to the administration of PowerApps you can access. The main entry point to PowerApps is also direct at Dynamics 365 Administration. From her you can access your, your Organiztations or Third Party PowerApps from Partners. Only … More PowerApps for Dynamics 365 for Operations (Part 1)

My AX Workspace

Since new Update 1 of Dynamics AX we are able to create our own Workspace additional to preconfigured Standard Workspaces. Although preconfigured Worksapces can be customized by Users to their roles requirement, now new Workspaces can be created and filled with specific Tiles, Lists and Links. Typically a Workspace is fitted to a specific business … More My AX Workspace

Microsoft Technical Dynamics Conference 2016

From 23rd to 25th Feb 2016 Microsoft Technical Dynamics Conference will be run. In Seattle consultants, architects, developers and Business decision makers will meet to learn about the new Dynamics AX, formerly called AX 7. In nearly 150 sessions Microsoft Inside AX members present to partners and customers about Dynamics AX. Mainstream is the new … More Microsoft Technical Dynamics Conference 2016