How to use Data Management around products entities

In Dynamics AX 2012 the DIXF Framework has not been working out of the box for some of the entities. One of these incompletness were the entities item and product. Indeed the basic data of product and item could be created – but the extended data of default order settings and site specific settings didn’t work without modifcation.


data management import and export products
Prouct entities in the new Dynamics AX

So in the new Dynamics AX there are some more entities (1.624). For products we find amongst other things these entities:

  • Products
  • Released products creation
  • Released products

As it looks the entity product considers products and product masters, no fields about the item table are affected, 22 columns are used.

Released products creation considers some basic data also from the item table, overall 24 columns are used from the current company account.

And with the Realeasd product entity we see over 177 columns are used to create products we hopefully can use for process without further completing. Only the released products from the current company account will be involved.

Import different product entities

Of course one the basic prerequistes is the matching content of all process master data as e.g. item model group which needs to exists in Dynamics AX before importing item master data. As we now try to import these entities following happens.

Products entity

With products entity only the product is created. As this happens in ecores-tables the product is unreleased. The product has to be released to all or any specific company. This entity needs to go through further extended product development and qualifying prcoess. Product entity is the base to create products for an extended master data management und further MDM processes.

Released product creation entity

While using Releaed product creation entity we see that the product gets created and gets released to the Company we are inside while importing. Only purchase, cost and sales Prices are missing for a minimum set of master data. If proceedng to enter this data in master data or in purchase and sales orders these products are ready for use and to post in operational units.

Released product entity

The released products entity is not as the first two entities because it is requiring a created product before importing this entity. The entity contains all fields to make an item useable for business processes.So you can prepare a list of items as well as possible configuration settings per item to import and start immediatelly using your item master data.

In case of importing prices take care about right formating numbers regarding decimal seperator. In case of using Microsoft Excel to prepare the items take care to use the save as option accordingly. I prever to use CSV Format because it’s to easy take a look inside the data file and check the content. This is the main reason not to use native Excel format. Using the save as file type CSV in Excel also uses the regional settings of OS.


The new data managament is clear in the way to use. To import well prepared item product master data i recommened for rapidly usage:

  1. Export the entity Released product creation
  2. Export the entity Released product with the Option “importapble fields”Importable Fields
  3. Prepare both files with the data informatiopn your business processes require
  4. Ensure to save in  an accordingy format
  5. Create an import project with the two enties Released product creation and Released productProduct complete
  6. Ensure the entity sequence first Release product creation and second Released productsEntity sequence
  7. Run your import project and check batch job messages as well as your imported item data to be complete





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