PowerBI Content Pack for Dynamics AX

A few days after releasing the new Dynamics AX RTW (Release to Web) Edtion Microsoft presents the first PowerBI content packs regarding Dynamics AX


As well as for Financial Performance as for Retail Channel Performance the first two content packs are available. They can be downloaded at http://powerbi.com and can be used by registered PowerBI users and their organisations. These PowerBI Content pack have to be connected to your Dynamics AX Azure account. After this the Content pack catches the implemented data from your AX environment. Typically this can take a few minutes because of the OData queries require to pass all data from AX environment to the PowerBI Plattform. Afterwards data can be refreshed periodically.

powerbi content pack

With the upcoming Dynamics AX Entity stores the basic queries are executed via direct query and the current refresh cycle time should be gone.


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