Three essential tools for MSDYN365 within ONE Edge Browser

The last weeks some colleagues wrote about the new Microsoft EDGE browser which should be released in January 2020.

2019-12-20_08-32-26-2There are some very usefull options, like usage of manage multiple user accounts within EDGE. This is fine to seperate different accounts and favorites.

You can switch on the fly to mutliple sessions using different Logins on the same URL’s.

This is very practical e.g. to test different User Logins for security tests within ONE Browser and WITHOUT using private sessions feature.

Since I use the new Microsoft EDGE Browser I had never the need to use private sessions, entering credentials has been reduced to a minimum.



Furthermore I learned to use also Google Chromes based extensions can be used with the new Microsoft EDGE Browser. As I saw this I thought about my needs to use Google Chrome in the past.  Main reasons to use Chrome beside other Browsers were:

  • Client performance using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
  • Create task recordings including screen shots for user training and process documentation
  • browse Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Table in a convenient way

Based in the technology the new Microsoft EDGE Browser uses we can now use Chrome extensions to complete EDGE Browser features for daily work.

This was reason for me to try to complete all my Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO related tasks within ONE Browser. So I picked up the Extension I’m currently using within Chrome to use these within Microsoft EDGE Beta Browser – and it works fine.


EDGE Extensions

(1) First thing was to allow within EDGE to use Extension from other Stores than Microsoft Store. This makes sense because such tools are not available at Microsoft Store yet. Then I added my favorites extension I’m used from Chrome which is

  • (2) Screenshot capture used for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations task recorder
  • (3) Meta4 ClickOnce Launcher
  • (4) Table Browser Caller for D365FO


After this onetime setup I see all my beloved extensions within EDGE.

EDGE Extensions in D365FO

From this time I can do anything I need around Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation within ONE Browser session.

  • (2) Screenshot capture  allows me to record tasks and click sequences AND create the a corresponding document including screeshots to help user to understand process flow
  • (3) With Meta4 ClickOnce I can load and edit Workflow definitions in Microsoft Clickonce Workflow Designer
  • (4) With Table Browser Caller I can manage all my Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO environments to take fast and easy a deep look inside data tables and entities I’m working with


Beside the real perfomance boost the new EDGE browser offers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations these makes work on MSDYN365FO much more easier and faster than before.

  • No more private session
  • No more need to switch between browsers
  • Unlimited profils to switch to customer accounts/environments
  • Create Task recorder documention capturing all screenshots
  • Design Workflows with ClickOnce Application
  • Design Financial Reports with Financial Report Designer
  • Work on Layout Designer within Retail Module
  • Work within data-structures and tables using Table Caller

If you have similar requirements at your workplace, try it. You can get the current beta release here.

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