Microsoft Business Application Summit 2018

As attending Microsoft Business Application Summit we got a lot of new information about Dynamics 365 products as well as all surrounding Business Application.

Microsoft Business Application are

  • connecting Application among also core Microsoft Application as CRM and ERP
  • automate information Flow between external as internal Systems of business Partners
  • Integrate data between several datasources and systems as well as business processes, inside as well as outside a business organisation
  • Prepare for interdisciplinary analytical as well as realtime reporting.

The Microsoft Business Applications are more important as ever before because of improving processes between core business departments as sales, production or procurement and supplemental business processes as Recruitung, Marketing or other.

Today the fall release notes of Microsoft Business Apps became released and have a huge list of Content planned for October 2018. Details are accessable in the currently available downloadable Version.

Regarding to the way Microsoft goes, the supporting Applications as PowerApps, Flow, Common Data Service, PowerBI, … become more important ever.

For focusing on Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation i want to lift one highlight coming with fall release because we had to create mutiple modifications in this area in the past.

Distributed Order Management (DOM) for control and route of Sales Order fulfillment regarding the DOM setup, which allows e.g. to

  • switch to other warehouses in dependence of on Hand inventory available
  • split Orders automatically for partial delivery of same or different warehouses
  • assign Sales Order lines to be fulfilled in other warehouses or retail loctations
  • select a warehouse nearast ot the delivery address of the customer

This feature is currently available for retail orders and it is also announced fo later releaeses it will be avaialable for regular sales orders and can be part of regular master planing. As we had some implementations solving the requirement by modifications this is a valuebale business process supporting enhancement.



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