Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a short abstract

Dynamics 365 for Operations is available

Since 01.11.2016 the Dynamics 365 for Operations is available on Azure.


At a first look it differs from Dynamics AX as we see the Operations Button, a Dynamics 365 and the Office 365 Icon on left upper Corner.

The Office 365 Button leads to the Office 365 platform as known, the Dynamics 365 Button is the shortcut to provided Apps. The Operations takes you back to the Operations Dashboard.

Enhanced functionality as announced will be evalutaed the next weeks.

Content of Dynamics 365

Like a Blizzard coming in a few mintues the last month’s have shown how dynamic Microsoft is going to push Dynamics 365 to the market. The strategy to be the first in market merging CRM and ERP goes hand in hand with charming offers to existing customers of competitor’s products.

The consolidiation of CRM and ERP got the new Name Dynamics 365. Dynamisc 365 is diveded in two main stream Editions, Business and Enterprise Edition.


Dynamics 365 Business Edition

The Business Edition is built from some CRM parts as Sales, Marketing, Customer-, Field- and Project-Service as well as Financials. The Financials Module is not a replacement of the Dynamics NAV product which persists as a stand alone Product.

Because this blog has focus an Dynamics AX (aka as Operations in the future) Business Edition will not further take center in this blog

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition  is the merge of Microsoft CRM Story and the Dynamics AX world. Both system will exist furthermore and will be packeged together – or even not.

Dynamics 365 for Operations

Customer can consum only Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations which corresponds Dynamics AX. This is the next release of Dynamics AX which was sold as Dynamivs AX (7) the last month. Cloud based and a system architecture which makes it easy to stay current with the kernel of the Core System and keep customization running.

Sustainable System Architecture

Using extensions rather inheritance makes it possible to keep customizations uptodate on current application platform. Even it has to prove in real ERP world this is a feature to be significant different from competitors. If it establishes to keep alive customization in a sustainable way Dynamics 365 will enlarge the period of being the ERP of customers choice.

Cloud or OnPremise

For the moment only the Azure Version of Dynamics for Operations is available. This will work fine for companies having no strong regulations and compliance requirements. Established companies in competitive markets, companies with a high degree in R&D, companies holding patents based on hugh investment will distrust whatever datacenter will promise.

Some European CEO’s of Microsoft Partners approached to Microsoft to underline the necessity of an onPremise Version in European market. For the moment it is not clear whether there will be a real stand alone not to the cloud connected Version or any hybrid Version communicating with any cloud Services.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Plan 1

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Plan 1 customer get the power of prior Microsoft CRM enriched with Power Apps. In Enterpise Plan 1 are no financial, production or warehouse operational features included.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Plan 2

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Plan 2 all operational Features and modules known from Dynamics AX are included as well as all prior CRM application as well as Microsoft’s Power Apps.


As the evolution of business applications proceeds to more integration and more flexible processes, the merge of CRM and ERP does the first step to marry traditional CRM and operational ERP World. Let’s see how customer rates the Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 offensive.


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